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Group Instruction

K2 Fitness Solutions specializes in Collegiate and High School Football Kettlebell Workshops. We also offer group instruction in Kettlebell training to other Athletic Teams, Military Units, Martial Arts classes and schools, Corporate Fitness Programs, Health Clubs and Gyms, Law Enforcement Units, and Special Security Groups. Additionally, we hold scheduled seminars and workshops open to the general public. Registration for the seminars and workshops may be made either through advanced booking, or you may pay at the event if there are available openings. See Scheduled Events

Prices for Group Instruction vary depending on number of participants, location, and whether you book the Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced Programs. Contact us for more information.

Private Instruction

K2 Fitness Solutions offers private, one-on-one instruction, and training in Kettlebells, and General Weight Training/Fitness. We can accommodate your schedule through either instruction in your home, at an approved area fitness location, or in a public access area (for Kettlebells only). Private instruction also includes a complete Program Design.

  • Private Training - $75 / hour or $315.00 for five sessions paid in advance

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Program Design

With our program design, we design a complete program, specifically for you and tailored to your needs. A major advantage to our Program Design is there are no distance barriers. Whether you live next door, or across the globe we can design a program for you. We cover all aspects from establishing your current levels of fitness/performance, to setting the goals at the end of the program. Each program is tailored to fit your life. Everything is considered: nutrition, rest, and lifestyle to facilitate your reaching the established goals. Our program design will eliminate the guess work and achieve the goals we set set together. With Program Design service, you get free video review of your technique, direct e-mail access to assist you in reaching your goals, and weekly tips to help keep you on track.

  • Personalized Program Design - $75 / month or $200.00 for a three month program

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Video Review

Perhaps you don't need a full program design, just some assistance on ensuring you're doing things correctly. Our online instruction is centered around video review. You submit a video of your specific problem exercise and we'll review it and provide the necessary feedback to help you correct any problems that might be present. Videos may be submitted in either an electronic format (e.g. .mpg file) or via VHS tape, or DVD sent through the mail. 

  • Video Review is $75.00 per review, and limited to 4 exercises and 30 minutes of video.

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Custom Exercise Equipment

We manufacture and sell what we feel is "the essential equipment." However, if there is a piece of equipment that you desire and we don't sell it, or you can't find it, contact us for a custom order.

Kettlebell training is a strenuous physical activity, prior to undertaking any physical fitness program , consult your physician.

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