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The ULTIMATE Power Station Power Rack
No home gym (or commercial gym for that matter) is complete without a quality power rack. Our ULTIMATE Power Station has 40+ years of weight training experience ranging from home gyms to the best gyms offered in the NFL behind it. 

This is a free standing rack which is a combination squat stand/bench press station, and more. The uprights have an adjustable width range to allow for various size bars, exercises, and lifter preferences. Dips are performed on the adjustable spotter stands, and the top cross-bar is a heavy-duty pull/chin-up bar. Allows users to lift heavy in safety, at home, and without a spotter. We have designed this rack with the solitary weight trainer in mind, and it has literally hundreds of uses. It features quick-change pins for setting the bar at desired height, and quick- fully adjustable spotter stands, which also double as racks for partial pull dead-lifts, dips, all the way up to top position standing press lockouts. Heavy-duty, yet breaks down quickly for storage. Light enough to be easily moved. 

Constructed from heavy duty 3/16" thick, 2 1/2" tube steel, measures 96" H x 66.5" W* x 35.5" D at the base. The 16" Spotter Arms adjust from 18" off the floor to 90.5'

*Rack Width adjusts from 22" to 64"

Bench, bars, and weights  -not included


$499.95  Includes S/H. Read our Shipping Terms and Conditions

Shown with bar in position for top lockouts





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