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Kettlebells have a steel handle and a steel core. The 4 and 8 Kg. bells are rubber coated. The larger sizes are coated with a smooth virtually indestructible epoxy. These kettlebells are designed to last a lifetime-and beyond. Kettlebells are measured in Poods, a Russian unit of measure. 1 Pood = +/- 36 lb, 1.5 Pood = +/- 53 lb. 2 Pood = +/- 72 lb.

Special warning: the Russian Kettlebell is an Xtreme Edge Fitness Tool for serious conditioning  It is not a Barbie toy! Treat your kettlebell lifting with the utmost care, precision and respect. We recommend that you take advantage of our RKC Instruction and purchase Pavel's Russian Kettlebell Challenge Book. You should also take advantage of and watch Pavel's kettlebell video many, many times for perfect form and correct execution. 

Lift at your own discretion! We are not responsible for you boinking yourself on the head, dropping it on your feet or any other politically-incorrect action. Stick to the Party line, Comrade!

Visit the Dragon Door Discussion Forum for more Kettlebell resources, workouts, discussions,  and direct testimonials form people who use kettlebells every day. 


For Quantity or Team Orders: Contact us for special pricing. 

Kettlebells From K2 Fitness Solutions




  Description Price Shipping and Handling Order  
16kg, 36 lb. Kettlebell. Ideal for advanced women, male teens, beginner adult male $61.20 $24.00    
24kg, 53 lb Kettlebell. Advanced male teens, Intermediate Male adults $90.10 $32.00    
32kg, 72 lb Kettlebell, Advanced Male $122.40 $39.00    
Set of 36 lb, 53 lb, 72 lb Kettlebells. One of each Save over $19.00






  Description Price Shipping Order
9 lb ,4 KG Kettlebell, Ideal for Beginner Ladies $89.95 $10.00 Buy Now
18 lb, 8 KG Kettlebell, for Intermediate Ladies and Male teenagers $99.95 $14.00  Buy Now
26 lb, 12 KG Kettlebell, for Advanced ladies, male teens, and senior males. $82.95 $20.00  Buy Now
88 lb, 40 KG Kettlebell for Advanced Adult Males $179.95  $52.00  Buy Now



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